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The Air Duct Cleaning Miami team will offer an all-inclusive air duct cleaning service.

Our service appointment will commence when our technician arrives and end when all equipment is safely stored in the service truck.

An extra fee of $165.00 per hour will be charged should the job take longer than the scheduled service time. Irremovable or inaccessible ducts or vents will not alter the cost of this package.

We are not responsible for any damage to ceilings, walls, or ductwork caused by the duct cleaning process.

The minimum fee for this package is not negotiable.

Before our appointment, please remove any obstructions from the air vents partway.

After the duct cleaning is complete, any debris that falls from the ducts or vents must be cleared up by the customer.

In some cases, some remaining debris may be expelled from the vents after the cleaning is done.

Payment is due in full before service is provided.

The Air Duct Cleaning Miami team or its owners will not be held liable for any damages caused by unforeseen circumstances that arise during the service.

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