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Top Best Air Duct Cleaning Services in Davie Florida

Don’t Wait! Order Our Amazing Duct Cleaning Service

Looking for reliable and professional air duct cleaning services in Davie, Florida? Look no further than Air Duct Cleaning Miami! Our licensed and insured HVAC contractors have over 20 years of experience and a BBB A+ accreditation.

We offer top-notch air duct cleaning services that guarantee 100% customer satisfaction. Don’t let dirty air ducts compromise your indoor air quality Get a Free Estimate or choose from a wide range of our air duct cleaning packages online order service today online.

The only BBB + A Accredited Air Duct Cleaning Company in Miami


No $99 or $75 Air Duct Cleaning Scams. No additional fees. We do not charge by the vent only by the job. See packages and pricing below 👇

Air Duct Cleaning Miami BBB Business Review

  Unlimited Vents Mold Cleaning

  Unlimited Room Duct Cleaned

  AC Sanitizing & Deodorizing

  Air Handler Brushed Cleaned

  100% Customer Satisfaction

Amazing Duct Cleaning Gold service in Davie Florida is the thorough cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitizing of the air ducts including the air conditioning system parts. Our service Help’s to remove allergens such as dust mites, mold, dust, virus, and dead reaches from inside the ac unit and ductwork. For a fresher, healthier, cleaner living environment order one of our amazing duct cleaning packages that suits your budget.

Our Company:




Your experience matters. We make every effort to provide you with a pleasant, hassle-free experience that will leave you with the peace of mind you deserve.

BBB A + Accredited

Since 2019, Air Duct Cleaning Miami has been proud to receive A + Accredited from the the Better Business Bureau.  We have a live link on our website to prove our accreditation award from the BBB. 

up front pricing

Most of our duct cleaning packages is priced at an affordable flat rate, so you know exactly how much you will be paying. Up front pricing. We never charge by the vent, only by the job.  

Licensed & Insured

We are fully license and insured by the Florida Dep. of Business & Professional Regulation as a certified Contractor. Our Customer is protected against fraud and scams by using our service.

Our Plans:

Amazing Whole House Duct Cleaning Package Davie FLORIDA

One flat fee no hidden cost. No bait or switch duct cleaning scam.  Just honest upfront pricing for complete cleaning and ac sanitizing. Hire the Most Reliable Air Duct Cleaning Services in Davie, Florida with Air Duct Cleaning Miami

dryer vent cleaning price

What is:

Amazing air duct cleaning Service

Duct, Vent & HVAC System Cleaning in Davie FL

Amazing duct cleaning, is a deep cleaning process use to clean inside the central air conditioning system duct work and vents free from harmful contaminants such as, dead roaches, insects, dust and mold. Amazing duct cleaning process is done by using spinning brushes to loosen dirt combine with a negative air hepper vacuum to remove and collect 99.9% of all duct surface contamination. After cleaning the ducts and vents, further cleaning of the air handler can be done to limit any recontamination of the duct or ac system.


Sanitize & Deodorize AC System Davie FL

Our amazing ac unit sanitizing and deodorizing process is the key to a much cleaner and fresher smelling duct and ac system, it can be use in conjunction with our amazing duct cleaning process or as a yearly standalone service, our air conditioning sanitizing works by using a special fogger machine to spray antimicrobial chemicals throughout the ac unit and duct work which is commonly used in hospitals and offices to kill mold, bacteria and virus. We also will help take care of any bad smells or odor coming from the ac unit by spraying all the air handler parts with our special ac odor reducing formula.

Air Purfication devices Installation

Did you know you can improve the indoor air quality in your home or business by 100%, by just adding a few amazing devices to your existing HVAC unit. We can help purify the air that you breath even more. That’s right our amazing air cleaners, UV lights and electrostatic purifies is the best at continuous killing of virus, mold and bacteria as it passes through the ac unit. Your ac unit can be used as a whole house or system air purifier every time it is tuned on.

What's Included

  • We offer affordable pricing without compromising quality
  • Our team is highly trained and experienced in all aspects of air duct cleaning
  • We use eco-friendly products to ensure the safety of both you and the environment
  • Deep Mold Cleaning Process: Our team has the expertise and tools needed to eradicate mold growth in your air ducts, ensuring that you breathe clean and healthy air. (This service is offered only if needed as an additional service.)
  • We offer Antimicrobial Sanitizing & Deodorizing cleaning services to improve air quality. These services can be included in select duct cleaning packages or purchased separately.
  • Our done-right guarantee means that you’ll be satisfied with our service or we’ll make it right
  • Reduce mold in living space by 50% 50%

Gold AC Duct Cleaning Package

Our Most Popular Service – Single Story House Or Condo


 Whole House Flat Rate Price

3 Hours Service

Unlimited AC Vents Cleaned

Unlimited AC Returns Cleaned

Air Handler Brushed

AC Sanitizing & Deodorizing

Whole House Flat Rate

10% Off Next Service

Our duct cleaning process Learn More

* Price per ac system.  Max 10 foot ceiling, Other restrictions may apply call for details. 

 Our gold air duct cleaning packages is one of our most popular service. It is recommend for homes that never had a duct cleaning done in the last 3 years or more. This gold package includes Duct and AC and sanitizing plus deodorizing of the ac unit which helps in kill mold, virus, bacteria and freshen up the entire air conditioning system.

“Extremely Professional”

Needed services quick. They were extremely professional and kind. They did a great job. I highly recommend.

Darlene Robertson
Customer Google Review

“Awesome Service!”

Best air Duct cleaning in Broward very reliable If you are having mold problems or sinus issue in your home they know what to do.

Portable AC Rental
Costomer Review

 Sliver AC DUCT Package

Basic Duct Cleaning Package – Sigle Story House or Condo


Whole House Flat Rate Max 12 Vents

2 Hours Service

Max 12 Vents Cleaned

Max 12 Returns Cleaned

Whole House Flat Rate

10% Off Next Service

Our duct cleaning process Learn More

* Price per ac system.  Max 10 foot ceiling, Other restrictions may apply call for details.  

Our sliver air duct cleaning package is our most affordable duct cleaning package. This package includes a maximum of 12 ducts and vent cleaning, it recommended if just want to clean only the ducts and vents. This our most basic package and it does not include AC sanitizing and deodorizing. If you want sanitizing for your ac unit and ducts please upgrade our gold duct cleaning. .

“Awesome Service!”

Best air Duct cleaning in Broward very reliable If you are having mold problems or sinus issue in your home they know what to do.

Portable AC Rental
Customer Google Review

Platinum aC dUCT Package

Recommended for Allergy & Asthma – Service Single Story House or Condo


Whole House Flat Rate Price

4 Hours Service

Whole House Flat Rate

Unlimited Vents Cleaned

Unlimited Returns Cleaned

Air Handler Brushed Cleaned

AC Sanitizing & Deodorizing

UV LIGHT + Installation

10% Off Next Service

Our duct cleaning process Learn More

* Price per ac system.  Max 10 foot ceiling, Other restrictions may apply call for details. 

Our Platinum air duct cleaning package is highly recommended you are suffering from allergies and asthma illness, or if you have young children in your home. Our platinum air duct cleaning includes, unlimited duct cleaning, AC unit brush cleaning, AC unit sanitizing and deodorizing plus an ultraviolet light with installation. This is our best air duct cleaning package at an affordable price. .

“did a great job!”

I needed services quick. They were extremely professional and kind. They did a great job. I highly recommend.

Customer Google Review

Dryer Vent Cleaning Package

Dryer Vent Cleaning Package – Single Story Home or Condo


Dryer Vent Cleaning Service

1.5 Hours Service

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Dryer Duct Vacummed

10 FT Duct Brushed

Dryer Flow Test

Inside Dryer Cleaned

10% Off Next Service

Our duct cleaning process Learn More

* Price per dryer system. Other restrictions may apply call for details.

“Fabulous Job!”

These guys really does a fabulous job, clean my ac vents and dryer now my dryer is working like new my home fell fresh

Dan H
Customer Google Review

We are 24/7 avalaible


Our Duct Cleaing Process

Air Duct Cleaning Process in Davie Florida 2023

Remove & Clean Vents

Step 1. We will remove wall, ceiling and floor registers. Then wash vents with cleaner. Dry then reinstall all vents and registers after a thorough cleaning. if vents is is rusted we will give you and option purchase them from us so we can install it.


Deep Clean Inside Ducts


Step 2. Inside the air ducts will be cleaned using our power negative air duct suction machine, combine together with using spinning rotating brushes to loosen up contaminants and debris, all duct surface debris will then be collected by in our machine using its HEPA filtration system. This is the method is used to thoroughly clean out the duct work before any sanitizing is done; After removing contaminants from the ducts walls; Our next step will include the duct and (ac) air conditioning sanitizing.

Sanitize & Deodorize AC

Step 3. Sanitizing and deodorizing for the ducts and air conditioning system will be done using our fogger machine, which will spray a safe but effective antimicrobial agent in to the air condition system which is describes to kill or inactivate microorganisms such as mold, virus and bacteria. Minor Brush cleaning of the ac unit inside and outside will be done in accordance with type of cleaning package ordered. Major and Minor (ac) air conditioning coil cleaning can be done if need as an addon to our packages.



Happy Customers

“Love it! Very professional and on time. They care for your home and belongings. I will use them again in the future.”

Rita Hensley

” was very pleased with the work and the fast service..i would recommend them to anyone.”

francisco gotay

Our clients love us

We have an average of 9.6

Get rid of dust, mold, and bad smells, freshen up your living space

Save 10% Off a HVAC duct cleaning, when you purchase a maintenance service agreement.

Purchase a service maintenance agreement  and save more

“Save 10% Off a HVAC Duct Cleaning.” 


When Shoud You Do a Duct Cleaning 2023


Moldly Vents

Respiratory Illness

Bought a new home


Mold build up the outside of the air conditioning vents is major sign that inside side of the ducts is also dirty AND NEED TO BE cleaned PLUS sanitize.

If you have every noticed mold around the ac vents inside of your home or business this can mean that mold contamination is also is inside of the air conditioning duct work, air handler and ac coils. Mold on ac vents can grow to dangerous levels if left uncleaned, causing discolored ceiling surface and health problems. We offer amazing vent mold cleaning services for homes and business which also include cleaning the ac ducts, sanitizing the ac unit and helping to find the main cause of the mold problem.


Amazing Vent Cleaning Includes removing,washing & Installation

AC Vent & Duct Mold Sanitizing with Antimicrobila fogger formula

100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

License & Insured BBB A + Accredited Compnay

Professional Technicians and Cleaners

Asthma & Allergy flare up's - A duct cleaning is recommended to help lower airborne allergens

If you’ve got mold, dead roaches, dust mites, and debris in your duct, you may notice an increase in allergy flare-ups. Mites carry enzymes that trigger allergic reactions such as coughing and sneezing. If you have severe allergies and live in a house filled with mites, you’re probably suffering from their presence. They can also trigger symptoms of allergic rhinitis and asthma. Cleaning your air duct and ac coil can reduce moisture buildup in your indoor environment which can help eliminate the breathing conditions for dust mites.


Improved respiratory health: By removing allergens and irritants from your air ducts, you’ll breathe easier and reduce your risk of respiratory issues like asthma and allergies

One of the most significant benefits of air duct cleaning is reducing the amount of dust and allergens in our homes. As these particles accumulate in our air ducts, they can get blown out into our living spaces

Another benefit of improving indoor air quality through air duct cleaning is reducing unpleasant odors in our homes. Over time, dust, mold, and other contaminants can build up in our air ducts and produce musty or stale odors.


We often overlook the importance of maintaining our air conditioning systems. However, neglecting your AC ducts can lead to a myriad of problems. Here are three reasons why AC duct cleaning is crucial for your home or office:

Improves indoor air quality: Over time, dust, dirt, and other pollutants can accumulate in your air ducts, resulting in poor indoor air quality.

Increases system efficiency: A dirty air conditioning system has to work harder to cool your home or office, resulting in higher energy bills and potential breakdowns.

Extends the lifespan of your system: Regular maintenance, including AC duct cleaning, can extend the lifespan of your air conditioning system by preventing damage caused by clogged filters and blocked ducts.


The frequency of AC duct cleaning depends on various factors, such as the size of your property, the number of occupants, the presence of pets or smokers, and the level of air pollution in your area. We typically suggest scheduling a professional cleaning every two to five years.

If you notice a buildup of dust around your vents, it might be time to consider investing in air duct maintenance. This is because it is a sign of poor air quality, which can cause a range of health issues. Not only that, but a buildup of dust can also indicate that the air ducts have not been cleaned in a while, leading to other problems such as clogs and obstructions.

It’s also a good idea to have air ducts professionally cleaned after any major renovation or remodeling project, as this can allow dust and debris to become lodged in the ducts.

 We recommend an air duct cleaning if you find more than normal dust accumulation in or around the furniture in your home or business.

Frequently Asked Duct Cleaning Questions

How long does an air duct cleaning take to complete?

A normal  AC Duct Cleaning can take 1 to 2 hours to complete for a normal 3 bed room house. Lager homes and can take up to 2- 4 hours to complete. Commercial duct cleaning can take up to 3 days to complete. However, it really depends on the level of cleaning need in accordance to level of dirt build up and contamination found in the duct or ac system.


Yes duct cleaning done the same-day with scheduled appointments.

Is air duct cleaning necessary if I have a new HVAC system?

Yes, even if you have a new HVAC system, debris, and dust can still accumulate in your air ducts over time. Regular air duct cleaning is essential for maintaining good indoor air quality and system efficiency.

Is the process messy?

All of our vacuum equipment is HEPA-filtered to 99.97% so the dirty stayes in the machine and out of your home. Our porcess are designed to protect your home and furnishing from dust/dirt and we always leave the home cleaner than we found it.

How to prepare my home for duct cleaning service

Preparing your home for a duct cleaning is very important. Air Duct Cleaning Miami highly recommend that the homeowner should communicate with the occupants to let them know that we will be needing access to all rooms where there is an air vent that needs to be cleaned. Some level of noise can be expected from the duct cleaning machine. Pets such as dogs must be relocated away from the duct cleaning area. If any vent is located near a wall where there is breakables or pictures these items must be remove from the area before the technician arrives. Customer must remove as must clutter directly under the ac vents or work area to limit any trip hazard and allow our cleaners to have full access to the ducts.      

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Protect your home from dyer fires. Get your cleaning today

UV Light

Help keep a healthy living environment clean – kills mold & bacteria .

AC Maintenance

Our AC – Tune up package keeps your ac running during the summer .

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