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UV Lights

Starting at $299 / Whole House AC U.V. Light Installation

Miami AC UV Light Installation

Is Your scinus acting up? Get our high quality UV Light for your Home air conditioning unit today; it’s a is great way to help keep your AC Unit from producing and spreading Mold, fungi, bactira, virus, odors  through-out your housewhole. call us at (305) 607-3244

We offer a wide range of UV lights for all types air conditoners units, all devies is combine with full installaton for home central air conditioning units in Miami & Fort Lauderdale.  Our UV light will work togeater with your pre- existing air conditioning system to creat a healthy indoor air quaily.

Our UV light speical includes :  one UV Light device combine with full installation,  starting at just $199 for standard lights. and more for advance UV technology.

Air Conditioners can curry Mold, fungi, Virus and Bacteria which can cause serious home health hazards. Our certifed EPA Air conditioning Technicians can handle precision sameday UV Light Installation for any central air or heat pump system in Miami & Fort Lauderdal . “Call Us Today for a free estimate.”

UV Light & Installation included

Increase AC Efficiency

All Work done by EPA Qurlifed Technicians

One Low Price for Entire Job!

Helps Maintain a Cleaner AC Unit

Reduce Mold - bacteria on ac coils

How can an Air Conditioning UV light help your Health & Home?

According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information. Ultraviolet (UV) lights can be used in a variety of applications, including air purification. The UV light can help eliminate many types of fungi, bacteria, germs, viruses and pathogens found in heating an cooling sysetm AC coils such as ( central air conditoners, Heat pumps, and Mini Split)

The benefits of installing an air conditioning uv light for your ac unit  it quite beneficial toward many air conditioning problems such as air conditioning mold contamination and air handler water, some of these ac leaks can be grammatically reduced when the indoor a  ac coil is keep clean by UV Lights.

Mold, fungi, Virus and Bacteria can cause serious Home health hazards. Our certified EPA Air conditioning Technicians can handle precision same-day Air Conditioning UV Light Installation for your Home or business . “We’ll get your UV light installed the right away, Call Us at “. (305) 607-3244

If you air struggling with air conditioning mold, ac water leaks or foul smells  it’s time to consider installing a central cooling , heat pump or mini split uv lights. We are Miami’s  professionals at uv light installations. Our  Expert team focured on delivering top notch total indoor air quality services for the Miami, Fort Lauderdale & Broward area.

Happy Customers

“I was very pleased with the work and the fast service..i would recommend them to anyone.”
“love it! Very professional and on time. They care for your home and belongings. I will use them again.”

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