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“Higest Rated” AC Maintenance Contract Miami Fl

Looking for best  air conditioning Maintenance service in Miami?  Look no further We Specialize in providing Air Conditioning Maintenance & Service Contracts for all types of homes and business. Purchase one of our AC Maintenance Service agreements  and get same day ac service!m call now (305) 607-3244 , order Online.

Miami AC AC Maintenance Plans & Pricing

Looking to purchase an air conditioning maintenance contract for your home, check out our ac service agreement plans. We offer the three most request ac maintenance plans with money saving deals listed below. For commerical ac maintenance plans and cost, please call us at (305) 607-3244

Air Conditioning Maintenance Miami – Sales, Service & Plans 

Air conditioning maintenance in Miami has become very important these days because of the rise in temperature. The air conditioners are also becoming more complex and expensive to repair. This makes them prone to breakdowns at times, and more costly to have them fix. If you want to get rid of such problems and save money in Miami hire us “Air Duct Cleaning Miami” We have the best and most complete ac maintenance service contracts in South Florida. Upon selecting one of our air conditioning maintenance contracts, our technicians will schedule an appointment with you and provide you with the best ac maintenance service and ensure that they are done properly.

We offer local AC Maintenance Contracts “ service agreements” for every type and brand of air conditioners in Miami FL for both residential homes

, and commercial buildings. Air Duct Cleaning Miami can maintenance any type of central air conditioning systems such as, roof top ac units, heat pump, Commercial package ac units, rheem ac units, carrier air conditioners, Goodman ac units, Ruud ac units,York roof top ac units, Lexxon Ac units. ect. 

Miami is known for its hot weather throughout the year. As a result, air conditioning systems are needed to cool down the rooms. These systems require regular maintenance to prevent malfunctioning. In case of any problem, it is advisable to get a good ac maintenance service contract that work for you.


What is an AC Maintenance Service Contract in Miami?

preventative Maintenance Agreement  also know as “air conditioning service contract” is designed to detect problems before they happen. Our technician will check all parts of the air conditioner and make sure everything is working properly, also we will a complete ac-tune up of cleaning the ac drain, check the freon level, compressor, unlinited ac diagnostic and a minor ac coil cleaning

AC Maintenance contracts in Miami Florida is much more different than any where else in any other State in the U.S. due to  the higher humidity and hotter climate, air conditioners will need to be maintained more frequently which will help prevent ac mold build up, ac drain clog, ac coil cleaning and summer break downs.

  10 Most requested AC Maintenance Contracts in Miami Fl 


It is recommended to buy an AC maintenance contract from us, so that we can take care of all the repairs and maintenance on your behalf. We can even give you tips about how to maintain your air conditioner so that it does not need repair again.

We currently offer different types of ac maintenance contracts for the Miami area, depending upon your needs for any homes or business . Some of them include:

1) Annual Contract – this type of contract covers the entire year. – Mainly use to keep home central ac units maintained, clean and working throughout the year. (free unlimited ac diagnostic is also included)

2) Monthly Contract – this type of agreement covers one month’s worth of services. High recommend for busy business who has a lot of foot traffic from customer such as strip mall ac maintenance, Restaurants, shopping centers and buildings.

3) Quarterly Contract – this type of plan covers three months of maintenance and is the most common for the every day business.

4) Semi-Annual Contract – this type of service contract covers six months of maintenance. It is ideal for those who run their businesses during summer season.

5) Bi-Monthly Contract – this type of maintenance agreement covers two months of maintenance. Ideal for those who run their business during winter season.

6) One Time Service Agreement – this type of service agreement covers only one time maintenance. Ideal for those whose business do not have much foot traffic or customers.

7) Emergency Service Agreement – this type service agreement covers emergency maintenance. Ideal for those whom have no idea what to do when there is a problem with their air conditioner.

8) Customized Service Agreements – this type of agreement is specifically created for each particular customer based on his/her needs.

9) Air Conditioning Repair Service Agreement – This service includes repairing all parts of the air conditioning system including ductwork, vents, coils, evaporator fan motor, compressor, condenser fan motor, controls and thermostat. This service also include cleaning out the filter, replacing dirty filters, checking the refrigerant level and charging the unit if necessary.

10) Air Conditioning Replacement Agreement – This service involves replacing old components of the air conditioning system like refrigerant, blower motors and compressors. If the existing system cannot be repaired, then this service will replace the whole system.







We dispatch our HVAC technician to you home immediately to get you AC fix the same day. Free Home AC Repair Estimates


If you’re not 100% satisfied with our ac maintenance plans we will give you a full refund withen 10 days of purchase


Beat the the scames hire a real compnay. Air Duct Cleaning Miami is a licensed Board Certified Florida Air Conditioning Contractor licensed by the DBPR

Other HVAC Services We Offer

Cost to repair an AC unit in Hollywood FL


AC Coil Cleaning

Our AC  Green Coil Cleaning will help prevent Air Conditoner from water leaks and better your health. Your AC coil may be covered in Mold and clog up with dirt and dead roceshes. Order today

AC Mold / AC Leaks / AC Cleaning / AC Water Leak / AC Coil Cleaning 

$600 to $1000

Starts from

AC Flood Protector

Finding that your home is flooded is not fun. Our AC Flood protector will Shut off your ac unit at the first sight of water leak and or drain blockage. Help protect your home from Air Conditioning water damage order a ac flood protector.

AC Water Leak / AC Flood / AC Unit / AC Maintenance / AC Drain 

$299 to $499

Starts from

Air Duct Cleaning

Clean Your AC Vents and air ducts with us, at Air Duct Cleaning Miami we provide the best air duct cleaning services and prices. We can clean trap dirt, dead insect from inside your air ducts and clean mold build up on your ac vents. Order our air duct cleaning special today  

AC Vent Cleaning / AC Duct / AC Mold Cleaning / Duct Cleaning Cost/ 

$649 to $1200.

Starts from

AC Electrical Surge Protector

AC Electrical Surge Protector can help lower the cost of your AC repairs and break downs, by protecting your entire ac unit from electrical surges and your  ac compressor from electrical damage. Don’t wait order it now.

Surge Protector / AC Problems / AC Unit Protection / AC Compressor Protection 

$399 /installed.

Starts from

How Our AC Maintenance Process is Done ?

1. Need help picking an ac repair service?

If you do not know what type of ac repair your air conditioner unit needs let us help you, it’s totally free of charge. We can help you make the right choice to get your ac fix the same-day. You can reach us by dialing (305) 607-3244

2. Schedueling your ac repair services

Scheduling your ac repair is easy with us,  you  can schedule any ac repair diagnostic by simply calling us at (305) 607-3244 or schedule online. We have availability appointments  to fix your ac unit in the day, afternoon & nights. After you schedule you ac diagnostic we will dispatch a ac service technician to your location.   

3. Get notifed before we arrive 

Before our professional AC technician arrive to fix your air conditioner, we will call you to verify that you are available.     

4. Up front and honest ac repair pricing!

After our ac diagnose our technician will go over all the repairs and or maintenance that is need to be done. We will give you an estimate to fix your ac unit and when you repair your ac unit with us we will also wave or discount our diagnostic service fee. Our ac repair prices is affordable with superior work done.   

4. Job well done AC repair Gurantee!

Our done right customer satifaction gaurantee will cover you if there is some time wrong with our repair or part we will do our best to make it right and to replace an defective part install by us FREE of charge. We take pride in our ac service work and is always look for extra ways to help our customer in our community. Hire us today for great exprenience 


Our Hollywood AC Repair Reviews..

"I was very pleased with the work and the Fast service..i would recommend them to anyone."

Love it! Very professional and on time. They care for your home and belongings. I will use them again in the future.

5 Most Common AC Problems in Hollywood FL & What to DO?

Hot Home AC Not Cooling

AC Not Turning On

You may notice the temperature inside of you home in Hollywood Florida is getting warmer. This is cause by your ac not properly working or your ac is not turning on or not properly working. We recommend you to first check your AC Thermostat to make sure it is set to cool and on. First observe the temperatures setting on the thermostat and make sure it is set lower than your indoor space temperature. Waite and check if air is coming out of your ac vents, if there is air flow then wait five minutes to see if the air gets cold. After waiting for five minutes if there is no air flow or cold air coming out of your air conditioning air supply duct or ac vents, you tune off the ac unit using the thermostat and call a professional Florida licensed HVAC Contractor who is licensed by the DBPR to diagnose what is causing your ac problem. Make sure to tell the ac companies you hire about your own observations, this information is important to the ac service technician.

AC Leaking Water

AC Flood - Water Leak

If you find your central air conditioner or air handler is leaking water in Hollywood Florida you should check your AC Unit for a dirty air filter or air blockage, make sure to replace your ac air filter every month to keep your ac coil clean. AC water leaks may be cause by other ac repair problems such as a bock or dirty ac coil, Freon leak or an air conditioning drain problem. After replacing your AC air filter if the air handler does not stop leaking water you should tune off your ac unit by setting your thermostat to the off position. AC flood or AC Leak cannot generally fixed by homeowners you will need to call to get your AC unit diagnose by a professional license Florida contractor who is certified by the DBPR. Air Duct Cleaning Miami is licensed by the Department of Business and Professional Regulation to fix all AC water leaks

AC Making Noise

Fan or Compressor noise

If your ac unit is making noise in Hollywood Florida this is usually  cause by a huge problem it  a sign of a part frailer or strain on your ac compressor. You should turn off your ac unit right away and call for help, make sure to tune off your ac unit by adjusting the thermostat to the off postion and then contact a license Florida contractor who is certified by the DBPR. Air Duct Cleaning Miami is licensed by the Department of Business and Professional Regulation to fix any air conditioning noise conerns  your ac unit may have.   

AC Air Smell Moldy

Dirty air vent and Mold Smell

If your air coming out of your ac vents smells moldy this is sign that your AC coil and your AC Air duct may need to be professionally cleaned. Your air conditioner is one big water tank and mold will grow inside of your ac drain pan, coil, ac vents and on dirt trapped inside of your air supply ducts. The cause of your ac mold smell in Hollywood Florida will need to diagnose by a licensed DBPR air conditioning company who has experience to clean your ac unit. Air duct Cleaning Miami has the license and training necessary to take care of your ac mold problem.  

AC Electrical Smell

Burning AC Electrical Smell

A burning smell coming from your conditioner in Hollywood Florida is a very serious problem, if you do smell a burning electric smell coming from your ac unit; shut if off by locating the unit circuit barker. Take caution to not touch the ac unit when reaching to turn the ac unit off.

Additional Info

All AC services should only be performed by licensed and trained professionals. Please do not attempt to fix your ac unit by yourself this can result in serious damages and injuries

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