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Professional AC Duct Cleaning Services Broward & Miami FL

Ready to clean your dirty air ducts; We offer Professional, Honest and Reliable AC Duct Cleaning

Services for Residential Homes and Commercial Buildings.

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Full Service Residential & Commercial Cleaning

Air Duct Cleaning Miami AC Air Duct Cleaning service is the best in South Florida. Our Experts has cleaned and sanitized over 2,000 (two thousand) air conditioning, vent and ducts since 2014.

Accomplish by us is the best ac duct cleaning process in South Florida, our duct Experts uses the rotorbrush ( hyper filter spinning brush cleaning system), together with a special duct cleaning fogger spray to freshen up duct  and clean them. Our duct services can  reducing or remove  air contamination  and killing bad smells, mold and bacteria inside the air handler, ac coil and supply air vents .

We use a super Hepper duct cleaning machine which dose an excellent job in removing contaminants from your entire air conditioning duct system such as  – dead roaches, dust mites, pollen, pet dander, built up dirt, and beris.

All these are all serious Health hazards problems that our certified EPA Air Duct Cleaning Technicians can handle with precision sameday AC Duct Cleaning solution. Call for help (305) 607-3244 

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  • EPA Certifed Technicians
  • Rotorbrush Cleaning
  • Done Right Gurantiee
  • State of Florida Certifed Contractor
  • BBB ( Better Business Bureau ) Accridater

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  • All Cleaning Done The Same-day

Services & Pricing

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Our AC Duct Cleaning Specials Pricing Plans

Order your ac duct cleaning online and get great deals on improving your indoor air quality. Our duct cleaning and sanitizing deals include everything that you will ever need, from AC Cleaning, to AC Tune up, and Maintenance services.

What You Can Expect From Us

AC Vent Cleaning

All Duct Cleaning pacakages will also include ac vent cleaning ( No Extra Charge) . We will remove, wash and install vents. New ac vents can also be installed for anadditional cost.

AC Duct Sanitizing

We offer duct and ac unit coil santizing free of charge when you order any ac duct cleaning spceial. This service is also offered as a seperaiate services . Our AC Santizing fogger is used to reduce and kill bad smells, bactira and mold in your ac ventalation system.

Supply + Return Duct Cleaning

All supply and return duct outlets will be cleaned using our rotorbrush duct cleaning process. We use spinning brushs to lossen dirt and contamanatns inside ducts combine with a strong vaccum use to catch and remove 

31 Point AC Inspection

Our duct cleaning comes with our free 31 point AC system inspection.

Happy Customers


I was very pleased with the work and the fast service..i would recommend them to anyone.

Love it! Very professional and on time. They care for your home and belongings. I will use them again in the future.

Other Services

AC Cleaning

We offer total AC Cleaning services for all type of ac problems, from mold contaminated ac units to bad smelling ac units. We can sanitize your entire ac unit and have clean and looking like new. AC coil cleaning, total air handler remolding and duct cleaning.

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Our dryer vent cleaning service is absolutely the best in removing clog lint – dirt build ups in dryer vents. Click here to learn more.

AC Coil Cleaning

Read to stop your ac from leaking water and smell bad. Our AC Coil cleanig experts can have your ac coil cleaned the same-day. Let us give you a free ac coil cleaning estimate. 

UV Light Installation

Every Home and Busienss owner should invenst in a good AC UV Light. UV light is desgine to Kill mold, virus and bactira in your air handler and ac coil. Breat Fresh air get raid to bad smells.

Air Purifiers

Comming Soon

AC Vent Cleaning

Our AC Vent Cleaning Service will have your vents looking like new. We can clean them, replace or refirbrish had to find ac vents. Hire our ac vent cleaning team today.

Air Handler Cleaning

We are Experts at Cleaning air handlers, our profressionals can have you ac coils clean, inside insulation replaced and blower and fan refirbruish. 

AC Drain Cleaning

Let us help you stop your ac from leaking water. Hire Us to have your ac drain cleaned, we offer draining flushing, drain snaking and chemical drain cleaning. We service all type of ac drains.

Blower & Fan Cleaning

Inside every AC Units there is fans and blowers that needs to cleaned.  We do AC Fans and blower cleaning. Get raid of mold in you ac unit. Free Insepction with any service.

(305) 607-3244

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